Quick & Affordable Water Heater Repair in Bellevue

investigating electronics during a routine tankless water heater repair in Bellevue, WashingtonYou probably don't realize how much your home relies on your water heater until it stops working. A broken water heater means no hot water for showers, laundry, or dishes. Our job is to get your water heater back in working order so that you barely have time to realize it wasn't working in the first place. We service all major brands of water heaters, including Whirlpool, Rheem, GE, American Standard, Kenmore, Bosch, and more. Whether you have a classic tank system or a newer tankless one, we've definitely got your back! We also service gas, solar, point-of-use, and hybrid electric models. Our certified plumbing contractors in Salinas will gladly come to your aid and help maintain the longevity of your water heater.

Need a New Water Heater Installed? We're On Our Way!

Dave installs a new 40 gallon standard water heaterOkay, so you are looking to buy a new water heater. The last time you bought one was 20 years ago in a previous home. Where do you even start? Technology has advanced a great deal in the past two decades, and continues to advance with every passing year. With regular maintenance, your 10-15 year old water heater might still be functioning fine, but is it as efficient as the newer models? Efficiency is ever-improving, which means that the dent your water heating bill makes on your wallet is decreasing. Sure, a new water heater might seem like it costs a fortune, with top-selling brands costing anywhere from $400 to $1200. And if this is a surprise expense, you likely won't want to part with the money easily. But upgrading from an old water heater can save you hundreds of dollars per year. We'll help you navigate the endless sea of options and choose the water heating system that is right for you—and we'll deliver and install the water heater for you!

We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Water Heater Repair

Water heaters don't break down around your schedule. They whenever they want to, and for some of us it can seem like the worst possible time.

If you can't wait for water heater repair during standard business hours, we offer 24 hour emergency water heater repair service. Call us any time day or night and we'll be able to get a technician on site, often in under an hour, to take care of it. Our years of service have taught us what kinds of repairs most water heaters need, which is why we keep all the necessary parts on hand to fix most broken water heaters in a single trip. That means you can get back to your holiday, sleep, or vacation just a little bit faster.